Artist Proofs



Artist proofs are sample cards sent by Wizards of the Coast to the artists on voluntary basis (which means that sometimes there are none). The fronts are the same like standard cards, the backs are blank. In some sets, the back has a glossy protective coating. If a set has Belgium and USA prints runs, the artist proofs are USA made.

Default print runs are 50 for normal cards and 30 for foils, however, in many cases numbers differ significantly in either direction. Some of the first sets had more copies, see numbers in brackets below.



— First Edition artist proofs (run as Beta artist proofs, printed along with Collectors’ Edition cards)

— Antiquities (100)

— Revised Edition

— Legends: English (100-150)

— The Dark: English (50-100)

— Fallen Empires (100)

Italian Unlimited

4th Edition: English, Italian, Japanese Black Bordered, Traditional Chinese

— Chronicles: English (100)

— Ice Age: English (100-150), Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese (100-150 foreign altogether)

— Homelands: English

— Alliances: English

— Mirage: English (up to 500)



— Each regular set has artist proofs (means: Standard legal at the time of release, or all Premodern and Modern legal sets without Modern in their name)

— Since Magic 2015, foil artist proofs have existed in each set containing foils and regular artist proofs (rares and mythics have no hologram stamp)

— Artist proofs of double-faced cards are two single white-backed cards

— All artist proofs are English

— Tokens and emblems from regular sets since 2019 or earlier



— Unsets: Unglued, Unhinged, Unstable

— Beginner Sets: Portal, Portal Second Age, Starter 1999

— Beatdown Box Set

— 9th Edition Box Toppers

— Judge Rewards promos: 2006, since 2017

— From the Vault Series: From the Vault: Lore, From the Vault: Transform

— Commander Sets: Commander 2013-2018, Commander Anthology, Commander Anthology Volume II

— Planechase Series (including oversized cards): Planechase 2012, Planechase Anthologies

— Archenemy Series (including oversized cards): Archenemy: Nicol Bolas

— Reprint sets: Modern Masters 2013/2015/2017, Eternal Masters, Iconic Masters, Masters 25, Ultimate Masters (including Box Toppers)

— Ugin’s Fate

— Conspiracy, Conspiracy: Take the Crown

— Preconstructed decks: Duel Decks since Elspeth vs. Kiora; intro pack promos since Khans of Tarkir

— Battle for Zendikar cropped art lands (from intro packs)

— Grand Prix promos since 2015 or earlier

— Friday Night Magic promos since 2016

— San Diego Comic Con promos since 2016

— Zendikar Expeditions

— Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions, Amonkhet Invocations, Mythic Edition (including emblems)

— Open House promos

— Battlebond

— Regional Pro Tour Qualifier promos since 2018 or earlier

— Convention promos since 2018 or earlier

— Standard Showdown promos since 2018 or earlier

— Ravnica Weekend promos

— Signature Spellbook: Jace

— MagicFest Promos


Note: If a set isn’t listed, artist proofs could still exist. Report other artist proof sets


Although sets should wholly exist as artist proofs, often (or always?) they do not for following possible reasons:

— Wizards of the Coast has no valid mailing address of the artist

— Artist isn’t alive at the time of release

— Artist proofs were lost in the mail, estate or trashed by the artist