Art issues:

- in mainland China it's forbidden to depict skeletons or parts of them (Animate Dead, Breeding Pit, Carapace, Drudge Skeletons, Hecatomb, Hungry Mist, Ironclaw Orcs (?), Kjeldoran Dead, Lord of the Pit, Necropotence, Orcish Oriflamme, Scathe Zombies, Scull Catapult, Soul Barrier, The Wretched, Time Bomb, Urza's Avenger, Wall of Bone, Zombie Master) (But not Shatter)

- barely dressed gynomorphs: Game of Chaos (maybe also because of its ability), Hurkyl's Recall, Lost Soul, Scryb Sprites, Sea Sprite

- blood and wounds: Blood Lust, Fallen Angel, Regeneration, Unholy Strength, Venom

- creatures being killed: An Eye for an Eye, Clay Statue, Dwarven Soldier, Grapeshot Catapult, Ironclaw Curse, Torture

- misbuilt and mutilated bodies: Derelor, Mind Warp, Unstable Mutation


Complex cards:

- Banding had become abolished meantime (Battering Ram, Benalish Hero, Helm of Chatzuk, Icatian Phalanx, Kjeldoran Skycaptain, Mesa Pegasus, Pikemen, Urza's Avenger, Shield Bearer)

- Rampage had become abolished meantime (Craw Giant, Wolverine Pack)

- Trample was cut (Angry Mob, Aurochs, Ball Lighting, Colossus of Sardia, Craw Giant, Force of Nature, Leviathan, Lord of the Pit, Orgg, Stampede, Urza's Avenger, War Mammoth)

- Poison was cut (Marsh Viper, Pit Scorpion, Serpent Generator)


Weak cards:

- Cantrip was cut (Barbed Sextant, Blessed Wine, Ennervate, Flare, Foxfire, Heal, Krovikan Fetish, Mind Ravel, Panic, Portant, Touch of Death, Updraft, Urza's Bauble)