Time Spiral


Magic: The Gathering MtG Disenchant Time Spiral Timeshifted Global Set


Time Spiral was released on October 6, 2006. It contained 301 new cards and a subset of 121 separately numbered reprints called timeshifted. Timeshifted cards appeared once in each booster pack and had a purple expansion symbol.

The card layout imitates the pre-8th Edition one, yet it was completely new designed. The measurements of the frame and its beveling are different; for instance, the top part was increased in height to allow the letters g, p, and y to be written without cutting the bevel of the art box. This layout was later used for several Judge Rewards promos as well. Foil cards aren't printed the same way either. Formerly, art and mana symbols weren't shiny and the frame type was done with white ink; neither applies to timeshifted foils. All Time Spiral cards are front cut and made in the USA.


An oddity is that the Russian version is advertised in some places as Разочаровывать (Razocharovyvat’) rather than the printed name Разочароване (Razocharovane).